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Organic Apple Crunch “BULK” with Cinnamon VitaSnack: 400 Gr.


NOW: + Product Packaging!

NEW Format for a more environmentally Sustainable and Responsible Consumption.

  • Minimising the use of packaging
  • Reducing carbon footprint

Ingredients: 98,6% Organic Apple, 1,4% Organic Cinnamon.

  • Seasonal Fruits.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives.
  • No added sugar.
  • Neither fried nor frozen.



Each Bag contains Apple Crunch with Cinnamon of 400 Gr

Presented in a zip-locked, vacuum-sealed bag to seal in the product’s organoleptic properties.

*Includes a reusable Doypack for dosing the exact amount you would like to take with you.

Nutritional Advantages

  • High water soluble FIBRE content.
  • High POTASSIUM content.
  • Source of IRON.
  • Contains POLYPHENOLES, natural antioxidants.

Suggested uses

Ideal as on-the-go healthy snack, appetizer, topping of cereals, granola, muesli, yogurts for an healthy breakfast.


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Organic Apple Crunch “BULK” with Cinnamon VitaSnack: 400 Gr.